Multi-Objective Park Projects

It takes a collective commitment to transform gray areas into green ones. AMIGOS brings volunteers, government agencies, foundations and corporations together – anyone and everyone who has an interest in greening Greater Los Angeles.  We work to ensure that people come together to collaborate and discover synergies – building consensus, employing best practices, and working to increase the availability of natural recreational resources for everyone.

Amigos de los Rios has a strong vision when it comes to designing parks, and they know how to stretch a dollar.  But what really sets them apart is their ability to build strong partnerships that enable communities to work together to solve problems.  That’s why we gave them the  Southern California Edison Hero Award.

Jack Sahl, Director of Environment & Resource Sustainability, Southern California Edison

By raising funds and directing the community-based design and construction of neighborhood parks and by making the most of the collaborative efforts of the proactive Emerald Necklace Coalition agencies and community partners, we have been able to create greening projects that accomplish the following:

  • Multi – Jurisdictional – Re-purpose and Adaptive Re-use
  • Support Public Health and Environmental Health
  • Provide Recreation Opportunities in Underserved Communities
  • Support Urban Biodiversity & Habitat Creation
  • Provide Access to Nature/Multi Modal Learning – Cultural History
  • Bring awareness to Local Natural & Cultural Heritage
  • Provide Youth Job Training/Project Implementation
  • Create awareness of our Water & Air Resources
  • Support Alternative Transportation
  • Support Global Climate Action/Heat Island Mitigation

Fostering Stewardship

We believe that input from the community is what matters most when it comes to stewardship. By consulting with residents and creatively incorporating community outreach data into the planning and design process, Amigos produces park designs that are consistently met with enthusiastic community support.

Our stewardship efforts also include:

  • Advocating for green infrastructure policy and providing technical assistance to Emerald Necklace Coalition communities, with special emphasis on grant writing and park  prototyping.
  • Building strong volunteer and stewardship base within local communities.
  • Supporting environmental justice through neighborhood workshops
  • Planning for the creation of an Endowment Fund for ongoing support of Emerald Necklace  parks