Low Impact Dev. Park Retrofits

Hollydale Regional and Circle Parks

2016 – Grant Applications have been filed for continued improvements

1st Phase of Project completed: 2011-2013

Project Team: Amigos de los Rios, CCC, LACC and SGCC

Project Funder: Los Angeles County Open Spaces District Grant Excess Funds – Big 5 Grant Program and CALTRANS

Low Impact Development (LID) is a term used to describe a land planning and engineering design approach to manage storm water runoff. The emphasis is on conservation and use of on-site natural features to protect water quality. 

Circle Park and Hollydale Regional Park projects are adjacent to the Los Angeles River in the City of South Gate and include:

– Development of the interpretive trail and bioswale including: grading and drainage improvements as well as the purchase and installation of decomposed granite surfacing, native plant landscaping, and interpretive signage.

Hollydale Regional Park restroom rehabilitation includes the removal of existing partitions and fixtures, and purchase and installation of new partitions and fixtures to meet ADA requirements.

Circle Park project will include the installation of a new restroom facility.

CALTRANS  is funding 400 trees and 2,400 shrubs that will provide carbon sequestering (reduction), water conservation/flood control, improving air quality, while reducing noise and heat island effect.

These projects will provide area beautification and recreational opportunities for community residents.