Gibson Mariposa Butterfly Park – Art Elements Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signage is a very important element of our park designs it offers a rich educational involvement bringing importance to the message and location. Our goal is to create an awareness of the natural and cultural attributes of our parks. Our signage is meant to enhance visitor perceptions of a site, city, or region.

       Theme Elements

Welcome to Gibson Mariposa Park Sign

Gibson Mariposa Butterfly Park

Butterfly Themed Play Area

Butterfly Theme Gate

    Educational Elements

Gibson Mariposa Park Plant Palette

Native Plant Palette – pictures & plant names

Butterfly in multiple languages

Monarch Butterfly Migration Information


             Art Elements

Shirper Elementary School Children’s Butterfly Mural

Ceramic Butterfly Art

Butterfly Ceramic Art Details

      Recreational Elements

Play Equipment with Butterfly Accents

Park Play Equipment

Picnic Area